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Did you know

It is very amusing to transfer interesting facts about animals on human. For example becoming aware about behaviour of opossum, manners of splitting cobra, distribution of duties between ants, high moral portrait of ostrich father and other habits of faunal forms we unwittingly remember colleagues, friends, familiars and relatives.

An average cow evolves 400 l of marsh gas per day.

The bulls are color-blind.

50 mln of monkeys are living in India.

On an average a hen lay10 egs per year.

A swan is a singular bird which has a penis.

A singular dog whose tongue is not pink is chow-chow.

The memory of a gold fish is 3 sek.

A giraffe has the highest blood pressure.

Among all the living beings only a human and a dog have prostate.

The most clever dogs are Border Collie.

As the most stupid dogs are considered to be Afghan hounds.

The lions can pair more that 50 times per day.

A camel can live without water two weeks.

A giraffe can live without water more than the camel.

The rats are able to live without water the longest time.

A kangaroo rat doesn’t drink water at all. It needs so small fluid amount that all fluid the kangaroo rat gets from its short ration.

Goat milk contains 5 times less fett as cow milk. Cow milk is taken up an hour while goat milk 20 minutes.

The biggest tigers are siberian tigers. Their shoulder height reaches 115 sm, maximal length of the body is more than 3 m, maximal height is 280 kg.

The biggest alligator was caught in Florida, USA. Its length was 4m 35sm, the weight – about 297 kg.

The lifespan of the turtles is like the lifespan of people. Some of them live more than 100 years.

The quickest land insects are cockroachs. They can run with the speed 6.5 km/hour.

95% of all famous living beings on the earth are Invertebrata.

The scientifics are knowing 1 100 000 species of athopods, 24 500 species of fish, 8000 species of reptiles, 5000 species of amphibia and 260 species of plant.

There are no snakes in Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica.

Basenji is a singular dog which can not bark.

A gigantic worm myxine has teeth on the tongue.

An owl doesn’t digest fur, flags and bones. It eructates them some hours after meal.

A splitting Indian cobra is able to split a venom exactly into the eye of victim at a distance 2.4 m.

A wounded or scared opossum falls dead, his eyes are glazed, from the mouth a foam flows while from anal glands the stench is exhaled. After the danger has passed the opossum revives and recovers.

Females of aphis are coming up pregnant.

An adult bug is able to live one year without food.

A tarantula can live without food two years.

The ants don’t sleep.

The dragonflies can flight in any direction – forward, backward and sidewards. These are the fastest flying insects. Their speed can reach 100 km in hour.

One third of all food on the earth is being eaten by insects.

The blood of mammals is red, the blood of inseks is yellow, the blood of lobsters is blue.

The speed of the flea at the beginning of leap is more than the speed of space rocket on the orbit.

The spiders “Black Widow” is more danger as rattlesnakes.

During life a busy bee is producing one twelfth of tea-spoon of honeymead.

Top 10 of the most deadly insects in descending order: mosquito, flea, bee, tsetse, fire ant, grasshopper, wasp, driver ant, asian hornet, kissing bug.

A kissing bug has got its name because its much loved place on the human body to sink and suck blood is an area around mouth.

The most stupid animal in the history of the earth was stegosaurus. Having a weight of 3t its brain was as big as walnut.

The sharks don’t be sick.

The butterflies taste the food with the tarsuses.

The dolphins are sleeping with one open eye.

An elephant cow is gestating a baby 22 months.

A female of the North American opossum carries a child 8 days.

To take a photo of the alive giant calamamies people managed only in 2006. These half a ton heavy monsters live at a depth from 200 m to 1 km.

The emperor penguins can dip at a depth up to 500 m and are able to hold a breath for 18 minutes.

The spiders have 8 limbs, the insects 6. Strictly speaking the spiders are not insects, they belong to spider-like.

The insects don’t have lungs, they breathe with the whole body.

The smallest bird is bee hummingbird, its length is less that 5 sm. The hummingbirds are so dexterous that they can fly backward facing.

The blue whales are the biggest animals on the earth. The average elephant weighs less than the tongue of the average blue whale. Blue whales are the most noisy animals in the world.

Their melodious singing can deafen a human. Without harm for hearing the human can hold 85 decibels, the volume level on the rock concert is 100 decibels, the blue whales are singing at the level of 188 decibels, they can be heard at the distance of 800 km.

The termite nests can be built hundreds years in a row and reach 6 m in height.

The smallest flying insects are Trichogrammas. Their sizes are less than 1 mm, they parasitize on another insects. In the agricultural sector they are specially bred for elimination of the destructive insects in the eggs of which the trichogrammas lay their eggs.

Hadrosaurus which at one time wisely settled great spaces of Europe, Asia and North America had 960 cheek teeth. If the evolution were go this way we would have not enough money for the dentists.

An albatross can sleep in flight at the speed of 40 km in hour.

As the most dangerous poison is considered to be the poison of king cobras.

Two days old gazelle can take run up to 95 km in hour.

The genitals of the snail are lieing on its head.

The reproduction speed of the rats is so high that under favorabe circumstances 2 rats were able to reproduce 1 mln of rats during one and a half of a year.

The horses and cows sleep standup.

The tentacles of gigantic arctic medusa can reach 36 m at length.

The snakes don’t blink because their eyes always are closed with the transparent concrescent eyelids.

The head of larva has 248 muscles.

On the bumble bees eyes the hair grows. It helps him to gather farina.

The biggest predators in the world are white bears.

A cockroach can live without head till it will die by hunger.

The cow has four stomachs.

The smell of the dogs is 100 times better than the one of people.

A giraffe has the same amount of neck bones as a human – 7.

A squirrel is the best gardener. Millions of trees are growing because the squirrels forget where they have hidden seeds.

A shark changes teeth every 8 days. The teeth of the shark are hard as steel while they are fixed only in the gums.

An owl can rotate the head through a full 360 deg.

An octopus can crowd into every chink where its eye can thrust.

The eye of gigantic calmar is as big as a basketball.

If the snail loses its eye then it will sprout a new one less than in a month.

The strongest animal on the earth is a rhinoceros beetle. It can put up a weight that 850 times heavier than its own weight.

There are known 7 organismus which don’t grow old: black-throated rockfish, painted turtle, American pond turtle, American box turtle, red sea urchin, shelfish arctica islandica and bristle-cone pine intermontane. The oldest discovered pine is more than 5000 years old, the oldest shellfish is more than 500 years old, other animal from this list are moe than 200 years old. Therewith all samples don’t have any signs of aging and expire bodies functions.


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