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(Russian) Играйте в боулинг в ТРК “Семь звезд” в СБС Мегамолл и получайте скидки на билеты в “Сафари-парк”!

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(Russian) Время акций продолжается!

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(Russian) Приглашаем вас на показательные кормления

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(Russian) Путеводитель по Краснодару, 5 августа 2015

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It is already impossible to come in the finest park of Krasnodar and don’t visit the zoo. Already from the morning there were crowds of those who wanted to take a rest in this wonderful place.

“Safari-park” prepared many surprises for its guests for the City Day.

Apart form the traditional acquaintance with the world of wild animals the visitors had a unique possibility to dip into the world of dinosaurs. “Dino-park” met the guests with the huge growling monsters.

There are the rest areas in zoo: children’s playgrounds in the style of robots-transformers, motordrome, horse ride walkings, shooting gallery with crossbows, riding on dinosaurs, 8D-attractions. A very wonderful place – “Chinese garden” – an island of the east harmony with the waterfalls, pagoda, terracotta army and comfortable houses neat the water where the time is stopping.

The lovers to take food outside could visit different cafes which warmly opened the doors and offered a Kuban, European and Japanese cuisines.

Except that the theatre “Safari” presented an interesting programm with the acrobats, artists of the circus, light show and professional dancers.

Among the special guests this day there were representative foreign delegations headed by the old friend of “Safari-park” – the head of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov and chairwomen of the City Duma Vera Galushko.

Do good not for pleasant gratitude

A young whooper swan that had been found in the centre of Slavyansk-on-Kuban was taken under trusteeship of Krasnodar zoo.

– The swan was found in a low condition, a tissue-necrosis had already begun, the bird was very delicate, – told a citizen of the city Elena Abramenko. – The doctors took a decision to amputate a wing. We called around all zoos, but only the Krasnodar zoo agreed to take the swan.

The swan was in a sad plight but no one could leave the bird out in the cold.

At the present time the employees of the zoo occupy with the recovery of the bird, make vitaminizing and dehelmintization. The case of the wound might be an attack of the big dog, human being, the swan could also itself tangle somewhere and hurt the wing.

The saviour of the bird gave her a name Lebedushka. The savee lightly and with pleasure comes in contact with people.

The empoyess of the park do the best in order that Lebedushka feels herself comfortable. From the first minutes in the new house she acts like at home and bravely splash in the swimming pool.

The staff of “Safari-park” hope that a wounded bird will do well like as a Dalmatian pelican who at his time was brought in the zoo in a similar state.

e-mail: safaripark23@mail.ru

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