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(Russian) Играйте в боулинг в ТРК “Семь звезд” в СБС Мегамолл и получайте скидки на билеты в “Сафари-парк”!

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(Russian) Время акций продолжается!

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(Russian) Приглашаем вас на показательные кормления

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(Russian) Путеводитель по Краснодару, 5 августа 2015

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The cats were honored in krasnodar zoo

The love to cats in the whole world is so big that it it imposible to go without special high day for these animals. That’s why already many times ago the first day of spring was named as International Day of Cats. The holiday quickly found its worshippers in all countries of the world.

From everlasting the cat was considered as the most clever and graceful from all animals. She was a sacrament of ancient Egyptians, in her caracter there were represented a Chinese God of agriculture and Peruvian earth doddess.

Prior to these holiday the employees of Krasnodar “Safari-park” were minded to congratulate the representatives of the cat family dwelling its territory.

At the initiative of the zoo director Mario Alievich there was decided to feast the cats with the festal dinner and present them the toys for entertainment.

The owners of the most high paws and big ears between the counterparts – the servals, with pleasure got the gifts, formally tuffed the viewers.

A beauty Bagira (black jaguar) overall ignored the action. Turned to the viewers with the back side she continued to sleep. Well, the jaguars like to sleep in the day time, what we can do, it is impossible to defy against the nature!

Though, the favourite of the public – a beauty white tiger Ragdai – pleased the numerous visiors with his grace and spontainety. He even didn’t touch meat, while like a small cat long played with a ball, caused a lot of delight by adults and children. However a life of the ball was short: the striped predator wiped it out in a matter of minutes.

The event was fixed by the journalists of the TV-channel “Russia 1”.

In “Safari-park” has to appease the symbol of the year

Oriental horoscope 2015 is the year of blue sheep. Therefore, employees “Safari Park” decided to congratulate and to appease dwarf sheep that live on its territory to the coming year for who was happy and prosperous.

Dwarf sheep or wassana, received its name in honor of the island Wesson, located ten miles from the coast of France. It is the smallest breed of domestic sheep: adult sheep weighs only 8 kg

The animal is not only rare, but also expensive. Not every zoo can boast that in his collection are these animals.

At the end of the last century in England, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany these sheep were used as environmentally friendly “machine for mowing lawns”. Turf football field at the famous Wembley stadium in London “cut” that sheep, leaving a perfectly flat field.

Wool dwarf sheep valued all over the world. Ultra-thin wool fabric has an amazing strength. In addition, it is practically weightless, elegant and extremely warm. Still the wardrobes of the rich jammed dark blue suits blazers of wool of these sheep.

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