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(Russian) Играйте в боулинг в ТРК “Семь звезд” в СБС Мегамолл и получайте скидки на билеты в “Сафари-парк”!

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(Russian) Время акций продолжается!

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(Russian) Приглашаем вас на показательные кормления

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(Russian) Путеводитель по Краснодару, 5 августа 2015

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Birthday of the white tiger

It became a good tradition to celebrate the birthdays of the residents of Krasnodar zoo “Safari-park”.

Last year a cheerful nipper weeper capuchin Yasha had celebrated his tenth anniversary, while last week for lifting of mood it was decided to celebrate the birthday of the handsome white tiger by name Ragdai.

He got a present – a good peace of beef which was arrived into his enclosure on the radiocontrolled model of the offroadster. Apparently the birthday boy liked the presents: meet was eaten, while a car (after short play) smoothly finished its age in the swimming pool of the exhilarated predator.

To congratulate a baby (he has reached the age of 4) came not only the employees of zoo, but also his friends: English bulldogs and kindly chow-chow Chammer.

Unusual event was shooted by the journalists of the TV-channel LifeNews and already shown on the TV-screen:


As it all was hapenned please look in the small videosketch:

Dreams come true

On the 1. of December a charitable telethon “Mother’s Day” will be held in the musik theater TO “Premiere” where among others an item about the disabled boy Ivan Vasilevich will be shown.

The most dearest wish of the boy is to visit zoo, stroke and feed the animals. It came true in Krasnodar “Safari-park”.

On the 13. of November with the permission of the zoo director a shooting about the interesting trip of the young animals’ lover took place on its territory. The item will be prepared by the departure for special projects of the regional television “Kuban 24” (the author is Ekaterina Kateeva).

Vanya was given an opportunity not only to communicate with the residents of zoo, but also to ride on the huge turtle.

A long while it was impossible to drag his aside from the miniature horse – Falabella.The baby with tears in his eyes even wished to live with her!

It was necessary to hear how rolling the kid laughed when he fed golden carps, cheerful lemurs and huge giraffes.

Not for anything he agreed to leave this interesting place that he liked so much.

The health properties of the different animals are noted by the humans already long enough. There is even a special term “zootherapy”. It marks a system of people treatment through the communication with the animals. Through many experiments it was proved that the animals exert a beneficial effect on the ill person.

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