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(Russian) Играйте в боулинг в ТРК “Семь звезд” в СБС Мегамолл и получайте скидки на билеты в “Сафари-парк”!

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(Russian) Время акций продолжается!

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(Russian) Приглашаем вас на показательные кормления

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(Russian) Путеводитель по Краснодару, 5 августа 2015

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May, the first, Krasnodar zoo “SAFARI PARK”

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Dreams come true

On the 1. of December a charitable telethon “Mother’s Day” will be held in the musik theater TO “Premiere” where among others an item about the disabled boy Ivan Vasilevich will be shown.

The most dearest wish of the boy is to visit zoo, stroke and feed the animals. It came true in Krasnodar “Safari-park”.

On the 13. of November with the permission of the zoo director a shooting about the interesting trip of the young animals’ lover took place on its territory. The item will be prepared by the departure for special projects of the regional television “Kuban 24” (the author is Ekaterina Kateeva).

Vanya was given an opportunity not only to communicate with the residents of zoo, but also to ride on the huge turtle.

A long while it was impossible to drag his aside from the miniature horse – Falabella.The baby with tears in his eyes even wished to live with her!

It was necessary to hear how rolling the kid laughed when he fed golden carps, cheerful lemurs and huge giraffes.

Not for anything he agreed to leave this interesting place that he liked so much.

The health properties of the different animals are noted by the humans already long enough. There is even a special term “zootherapy”. It marks a system of people treatment through the communication with the animals. Through many experiments it was proved that the animals exert a beneficial effect on the ill person.

Stay for the winter!

This year “Safari-park” already the third time will work in full strength in the winter. All its nurslings are leaving on the zoo territory. The direction fulfills a given to the citizens promise to keep in the cold period of the year maximal quantity of the animals for view. The employees exert all efforts to manage it till the beginning of the cold. Now all animals will be able to find a good accommodation and will be presented to the curious look of the visitors.

Far from the all animals, residing the park adapt for the climatic weather conditions of Kuban. Every of the animals needs individual attention, while many – special housing conditions in this time of the year. That’s why special activities aimed at the preparation to this period are held in zoo: the houses in the enclosures are made coldproof, separation walls are strengthen, the cages are refined, the roofs are covered.

While the diets are prepared in the sufficient quantity. The ration of the zoo residents is shifted on the winter time. It is growing and includes all necessary components in order that the animals were not ill in foul weather.

In many winter enclosures the radiant heaters of the ceiling type are used. The animals don’t see the light of these lamps and it doesn’t disturb them even in night time.

Some rooms are equipped with the system “under floor heating”. To control how comfortable the living conditions of the animals are every enclosure is equipped with the temperature detectors.

Winter houses are not big, but comfortable enough. They are carefully provided with the snags for climbing and ledges for the rest.

The macaws reside in the special room from the energy conservative glass units. They are been lured with the food there.

Funny to look as cheerful lemurs after the warming on the radiators ride on the gigantic tortoises which also for the first time were left in one house together with them.

A crowd puller, hippo Susa will overwinter already the sixth time. The enclosure with the warm swimming pool was carefully repaired for her.

The most “problem” for wintering are giraffes Kolya and Olya because it is impossible to move they somewhere because of their huge growth. Near their enclosure there is a special hangar about two-storey house high. A volume of the hangar is 1800 m3, while over 10000 L of diesel oil is used for its warming for the heating season. This summer the hangar walls were additionally faced with foam concrete and plastered for winterising.

New mobile air conditioners with the function of air moistening will create a true atmosphere of the tropical jungle for the blue monkeys, white-handed gibbons and black and white lemurs residing the territory “Afrika”.

And the most interesting – new occupants of Krasnodar zoo – Nilotic, saltwater and Cayman crocodiles soon will digest their new chic dwelling.

An original building in the form of solutional cave with “underground river” must be to their taste. Four types of the heat units: heat-insulated floor, radiant heater, warm radiators and a system of blowing of the enclosure windows with the air drier function will create a feeling as these old reptiles were at home.

So welcome dear citizens and guests of the Kuban capital!

Our nurslings are waiting for you!

e-mail: safaripark23@mail.ru

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